It is with great joy we announce the publishing of the new book from Rav Avraham Chachamovits, “The Hidden Valley – Kabbalistic Writings”. This very unique book brings a Kabbalistic commentary on Torah portions and related mystical subjects. Countless chidushim/novel ideas and very deep insights and analysis of Torah/Kabbalah, with hundreds of references to the Zohar and the Arizal. A work for serious students of mystical knowledge of the Kabbalah, filled with amazing revelations and new insights into the Torah.

“Topics range from Adam in Gan Eden, Nachash/Serpent, Tardemah/Deep Sleep of Adam, the Giants, the descendants of Adam, the Sheva Aratzot/Inner Earth, Telepathy, Erev Rav, Shadows/Tzelamim, the Sod of Tziniyut, Shemot Kodesh/Holy Names, Etz Chayim/Etz Da’at, Chanoch, Lot, Gilgulim/Reencarnations, Amalek, Shedim/Demons, Maggidim/Spiritual Guides, Ketoret/Incense, Nessim/Miracles, etc. With over 600 gematriot and 100 notarikon, this is a unique book: a tour de force in Kabbalistic thinking and spiritual insight.”

Publisher: Beit Arizal | Language: English | Volumes: 1 | Pages: 232 | Binding: Hard |

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