About Rabbi Avraham

Erev-erev Yom Kippur 5782Rabbi Avraham Chachamovits is a great disseminator of Torah mysticism in South America, and now in the U.S.A. He is the author of hundreds of works – books, shiurim in audio and videos. He idealized e directed the Beit Ari”zal: the first and only kollel dedicated to kosher Jewish mysticism in Brazil, and this site that publishes his material. He teaches Torah in an intense manner, always focused on tikkun hamiddot – character rectification. Rabbi Avraham has always endeavor to promote Judaism based on the prophets of the Tanach, and the original holy masters of Torah, in particular on the deep teachings of the Ari”zal. He does not subscribe to the more popular “Kabbalah” – theoretical and philosophical – that is widely taught today by unlearned Jews, and even worst, when done so by non-Jews who do not know Torah, while benefiting from trends and general public ignorance. The path of Rabbi Avraham is of righteousness and kosher spiritual experiences through the adherence of Halacha/Torah Law, and not the mere academism of “mystical philosophy” that has spread like fire. His works include many chiddushim/new Torah insights and a deep network of connction in all levels of the Torah. Rabbi Avraham is dedicated to the convergence of Torah understanding and modern science, mathematics (through the great use of gematria and notarikon etc.), as well as to Torah psychology (the core of Jewish mysticism). Moreover, Rabbi Avraham is a classically trained composer. He has many contemporary classical symphonic and chamber works. Rabbi Avraham also has students in various countries. Moreover, he cares and guides gentiles who seek proper Torah spirituality for the Nations through the Seven Laws of Noach. He is married with children, and believes in a naturalistic lifestyle, frugal and happy, while recluse.

To contact the rabbi’s secretary, please write: contact@beitarizal.org