About Rabbi Avraham

Erev Rosh Hashana 5783 (b)Rabbi Avraham Chachamovits has for years disseminated Torah mysticism in South America, and now in the U.S.A. He is the author of hundreds of works – books, shiurim in audio and videos. Originally, a talmid of the Av Beit Din of the Chareidi community of S. Paulo, Brazil, HaRav Meir Avraham Iliovits shlit”a and Gal Enai ‘s HaRav Yitzchak Ginsburgh shlit”a in Israel,  and continuing studies with the Rosh Yeshivat HaRav Yoseph Chayim Mimran shlit”a from the Yeshivat HaHaim VeHaShalom of the renowned kabbalist HaRav Mordechai Attia shlit”a. Rabbi Avraham idealized and directed the Beit Ari”zal: the first and only kollel dedicated to kosher Jewish mysticism in Brazil. And this site and the larger mirror site in Portuguese have published his material from the kolel. Focusing his Torah lessons in tikkun hamiddot “character rectification” as a primary pillar of Kabbalah instruction, Rabbi Avraham teachings are based on the deep teachings of the Ari”zal and Rashash. The path of Rabbi Avraham is of righteousness and kosher spiritual experiences through the adherence to Halacha/Torah Law, and not the mere academism of “mystical philosophy” that has spread like fire throughout the Jewish world and elsewhere too. His works include many chiddushim/new Torah insights and a deep network of connections at all levels of the Torah. As a known polymath, R Avraham is dedicated to the convergence of Torah understanding and modern science, particularly Cosmology and Mathematics (through the extensive and innovative use of gematria and notarikon, etc.), as well as to Torah Psychology (the core of Jewish mysticism from the Ari”zal). Also, he is a classically trained composer with contemporary classical symphonic and chamber works. He has  Jewish students in various countries while guiding gentiles who seek proper Torah spirituality through the Seven Laws of Noach. He is married with children and believes in a naturalistic lifestyle, frugal and happy, while recluse. His latest published work is a deep commentary on selections of R’ Chayim Vital’s Sefer Adam Yashar. He is currently working on a translation of the famous commentary on the Ari”zal‘s Etz Chayim called Kerem Shlomo, by R’ Salman Eliayu z”l, and a new and revealing sefer (“Dangers To The Soul”), on how the sitra achra/evil side can and does affect people according to the Kabbalah.

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