The story of the Mabul and Noah’s ark is paralleled in the destruction of Sodom and Lot’s escape with his daughters. Noah heard it from Hashem that the whole world was going to end and he should take his family to the Ark, while Lot heard of the destruction of his world from the angels and that he should flee with his family to the mountain in Tzoar. He did not merit to hear it from Hashem. Yet, both waited until the last minute to escape. See, the mispar gadol of בא-אתה וכל-ביתך אל-התבה “Come you and all your house into the ark” plus six for the six words, and the mispar kidmi of ולוט בא צערה “Lot came unto Tzoar” is 1826. Also, the gematria avgad of ויבא נח “And Noah went in” plus two for the kolel of the two words, and the gematria albam of ולוט בא צערה is 555. More so, the achas beta of תבת “ark” plus the kolel, and the mispar ha-achor/triangular value of במערה “in a cave”146 is 810.

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