Now, HaRav Ya’acov elucidates al pi Kabbalah the pasuk in Iyov, however this quoted portion of the Zohar does not say anything regarding he who is pogem habrit. In fact, what is written there is that, “‘Be afraid of the sword… that you may know that there is a judgment [pronounced shadun but written shedin, demons]’… The Serpent’s lashon hara spoken to Chava brought death over man and his wife, and the whole of mankind. Hence it is written: ‘And their tongue a sharp sword’ [Tehilim 57:5], referring to the lashon hara. As such, truly, ‘Be afraid of the sword’, to wit, the lashon hara” (Ibid. Zohar, Metsora). What is the relationship between lashon hara and the transgression of the brit which brought R’ Ya’acov to derive such stark conclusions from this Zohar?


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