In this new series, Rabbi Avraham Chachamovits explores Terra incognita  –  converging perspectives of Torah and science. As a whole, science represents da’at tachtón (“lower knowledge”), for its descoveries and innovations are strictly based on empirical observations. Torah/Kabbalah represents da’at eliyon (“superior knowledge”), high perspectives about reality. While many times aparent contradictions exist between these two levels of understanding, it is important to seek the resolutions of these diferences. In fact, the new and more refined scientific discoveries offer “models of reality” now quite adequate to Torah vision. This quest for the convergency of these models of understanding is a fundamental light for the development of humanity, and one of the pillars of Rabbi Avraham’s work. Torah perspective in science can also help its understanding, for Torah/Kabbalah offers a conceptual model that understands the various scientific macrocosmic discoveries as a universe’s microcosmos. When studied as a parable to our perceptions, these models can and should have an educational effect about us, supplanting the amoral scientific positioning (and the frequently imoral conclusions that science reaches as a result of its amorality). On a certian higher level of understanding, Torah/Kabbalah and science are interdependent, although there are actually lived as distinct experiences. However, as science sufficiently matures, it will want to see a connection between these two perspectives.  This “marriage” will be consagrated in the Messianic Era. It is only a matter of time when science will discover that which it desires the most: how the universe – macrocosmos and microcosmos – has an unified structure, and Torah will guide science’s understanding that this singular structure is Hashem’s signature, which “Fills the entire worl” (Isaiah). Torah and its deep dimension of Kabbalah is the key to recognize this signature.

(Music: Rabbi Avraham Chachamovits, Suite for piano “Le Jardin Secret“, Prélude)

With English subtitles

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